About this recipe:

Out of all types of Indian breads that are cooked, plain butter kulcha is probably one of the most sough after bread after Naan. Since it requires tandoor or gas oven to cook, many believe that it can not be prepared at home. However in this step by step process of kulcha, you can make soft and fluffy butter kulcha at home without oven by using techniques given below and still get same Punjabi restaurant type taste and texture.


2 cup refined flour (250 gram)

1 tbsp instant dry active yeast

1 tbsp sugar

½ tbsp. salt


Kasuri methi (dried fenugreek)

Butter as require


 First of all in a bowl we will take refined flour, add yeast, add sugar and salt, with the help of lukewarm water we will make dough from it, keep aside dough for 2-3 hours, after that dough will be soft, we divide the dough in equal roll and then one by one from each roll we will make kulcha, so we will flatten roll in oval shape with the help of roller, then we will put kasuri methi above the kulcha roll.

In a heated pan we will put kulcha roll in it and cover it for 2 minutes, after that remove cover of pan and then flip the kulcha other side for 2 minutes again and cover it to cook, after that we will pour butter both side of the kulcha. Now it’s ready for serve, you can serve it with yummy Chhole.

Note: You can also stuff crushed paneer along with aloo in the kulchas.