Gud ka halwa

Gud ka halwa is an Indian dessert made with jaggery, desi ghee, and wheat flour. You don’t need plenty of ingredients to make this delicious dessert. While making halwa, the kitchen feels amazing with the aroma of jaggery and roasted ghee. Try making this recipe this winter, and it’s going to be loved by your family members. Let’s start with the ingredients.

1. 2 cups of chopped gud
2. 1 wheat flour
3. 1 cup ghee
4. 10-15 cashews
5. 10-15 almonds

Step 1- Heat a pan with 3 cups of water and jaggery on low heat.
Step 2- Take a kadai and heat desi ghee. When it is heated, start adding wheat flour and mix them well. Stir continuously for at least 10-15 minutes until it turns brown.
Step 3- Once the jaggery dissolves completely in water, add that water to the halwa mixture.
Step 4- You need to stir it continuously for 2-3 minutes. Add dry fruits as per your taste.
Step 5- Mix them well, you’ll see the mixture become thick and consistent.
Step 6- Your delicious gud ka halwa is now ready to taste. Enjoy!!!

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