Jalebi is an Indian sweet made up of all-purpose flour and sweet syrup. Crispy, crunchy, and spiral-shaped jalebi is considered the favorite sweet dish for a sweet tooth person. Many people used to have it with rabri or a glass of warm milk. Jalebi and fafda are the best combinations for Gujarati people.
It’s a quick and easy recipe that you’re gonna love it. Let’s start with the ingredients:

• 2 bowls of sugar
• 1 bowl of all-purpose flour
• A pinch of cardamom powder
• 1 tbsp ghee
• 1 ENO packet
• Oil (to fry)
• Food color/ turmeric powder

Step 1- Take out a bowl, and add Maida, ghee, and Eno to it. Mix them properly.
Step 2- Add water and make a consistent batter. Make sure there are no lumps in this paste. Keep this aside.
Step 3- Now, we make sugar syrup. Firstly, heat a utensil and add sugar to it. Add ½ cup of water, cardamom powder, and a pinch of food color. You can use a pinch of turmeric powder or Kesar instead of food color.
Step 4- You need to stir this syrup until the sugar dissolves on a low to medium flame.
Step 5- Boil it until it becomes a consistent syrup. Do touch the cool drop of syrup to check the consistency.
Step 6- Once it’s done, Turn off the flame. The syrup is ready.
Step 7- Now, pour the jalebi batter into a piping bag or you can make a piping bag with the help of parchment paper.
Step 8- Heat oil for deep fry in a pan. Now, squeeze the piping bag and make concentric rings with the batter. Make 2- 3 spirals of batter.
Step 9- Flip them so that they’ll be fried on both sides properly. Fry them until it turns into golden color and looks crispy.
Step 10- Take out the jalebis and immediately dip them into a syrup. The syrup should be warm. Keep the jalebis in syrup for 2-3 minutes.
Step 11- Take out the jalebis, when they are coated with syrup from both sides.
Step 12- Your yummy and crispy jalebis are ready to taste. You can have it with rabri or milk. Enjoy!!!