Kadhi Pakoda


Gram flour 1 cup,  curd 2 cup, 1tbsp cumin seeds, one small size finely chopped onion, grated ginger-garlic 1tbsp, 4 whole red chili, ½ tbsp turmeric, ½ tbsp red chili powder, ½ tbsp fenugreek, ½ tbsp mix spices, salt as require.

Process: first of all we will make pakoda, for this we will take half cup gram flour in a bowl to make pakoda and add water in it to make batter for pakoda, add salt as needed, batter should be neither too thin nor thick, rest this batter for 15 minutes to set, after that in a heated pan we pour oil near about 100 gram, then with the help of spoon we put batter in shape of pakoda in pot, once you can fry 7-8 pakoda in pot, then flip pakoda and fry it both side until golden brown, pakoda is ready,  now remaining half cup gram flour we put in blender, add curd in it, add water and blend it properly, in a heated pot we pour 1 tbsp oil, cumin seeds, ginger-garlic, whole red chili, fenugreek, chopped onion and fry it properly, after that add turmeric and mix spices in it and stir well, then we pour mixture of gram flour and curd which is grinded already, stir it continuously, if we have taken half cup gram flour we must add 4 ½ cup water to make kadhi, we stir it until boiling when kadhi start boiling we add salt, add red chili powder and mix well after that we add pakoda in kadhi and boil it for 10-15 minutes, now pakoda kadhi is ready to serve.