mungfali halwa

Peanut (Mungfali) Halwa


peanut fried and peel off- 100 gram

Ghee-1/2 cup

Khoya (Dried milk)- 100 gram

Sugar- 150 gram

Cashew nut and almond- 4-4 chopped finely

Raisin (kishmish) -14-18

Pistachio (pista)-7-8 chopped finely

Green cardamom-4-5 (powder)

Process: First of all pour water in peanut and keep aside for 3-4 hours, after that drain water from it and in blender make some coarse paste of peanut, now in a heated pan pour 2 tbsp oil and then add paste of peanut in it and fry it properly in low flame until it change into brown color, now we will remove it from burner and keep paste aside, now in pan pour khoya and roast until it becomes golden brown, then keep khoya aside and now we will prepare chasni for halwa, in a pot pour sugar and equal quantity of water in it and cook it until sugar mix well in water, add dry fruits and cardamom in it, then mix paste of peanut and khoya in sugar chasani stir it properly, cook halwa till it becomes thick for 5 minutes, garnish halwa with dry fruit, now Peanut Halwa is ready to serve.