Ingredients :

Half- cup rava,

 3-4 tbsp yogurt,

2  onions,

2-3 carrots,

2-3  green chilies,

2 tomatoes,

salt as need, oil, water as require

Add half cup rava to a mixing bowl, add half cup water, mix it well, set this aside for 10 minutes.

Chopped vegetables like onions, green chilies, tomatoes, bell pepper, grated carrot, coriander leaves, add 2 tbsp yogurt, salt as requirement, add 3 tbsp more water, the batter should be neither thin nor too thick, but must be spreading consistency, set this aside.

Grease your tawa well with few drops of oil, rub with a kitchen tissue, when the pan turns hot, pour half of the prepared batter, spread it gently only a little, immediately add cut veggies , press down with a wooden spatula, if you don’t  do this, veggie will come off the uttapam when you flip it. Pour oil or ghee on a medium heat, after a while you will see the edges leave the pan, gently lift it with a spatula and flip it, cook on both the sides till fully done, serve these instant rava uttapam just with a chutney.