Soya Kabab

Veg Soya Kabab

Ingredients :

Two cup soya chunks,

 half- cup chana dal,

 one boiled potato,

 2 chopped onions,

 2 green chopped chilli,

 half- inch grated ginger,

7-8 garlic,

 coriander leaves,

 1 tbsp coriander powder,

 1 tbsp fried cumin seed powder,

 red chilli powder as needed,

 1 tbsp chat spices ,

 1 tbsp Amchur powder,

1 tbsp turmeric,

 1 tbsp mixed spices powder,

 oil, salt as require,

 1 bay leaf,

 half-tbsp pepper powder,

 3-4 cardamom,  

Dip soya chunks in hot water for 20 minutes.

Pour water in chana-dal and keep aside for  an hour.

Now in a hot pressure cooker we pour 2 tbsp oil ,add bay leaf cardamom, soya chunks, chana-dal, mixed spices, turmeric, salt, green chilli, ginger, garlic, cumin powder, amchur, chat spices, pepper, salt, sauté well this mixture for one or two minutes, after that add some water and then cover the seal of pressure cooker in medium flame for 4-5 vessel.

Now when pressure cooker will be in normal temperature we put out the mixture and pour it into the grinder, we  add chopped onions, potato, red chilli and coriander leaves in grinder also and mix it well, add 1 bread crumbs for giving proper shape, now use oil in your palm and take small portion of mixture to give shape of kabab, in a hot pan pour some oil make it heat than transfer kabab one by one in pan in medium to low flame for 3-4 minutes both sides now color has changed and kabab has become crispy.