Virgin Mojito

A refreshing mix of lemon and mint flavor, virgin mojito will definitely be added to your daily routine. You’re gonna love this chilled mind-blowing drink. This is a super easy recipe you can make for yourself or for your loved ones. Let’s start with the ingredients:

• Soda or Sprite
• 2 tbsp Powdered Sugar
• 8-9 mint leaves
• 2-3 lemon
• A pinch of black salt (optional)

Step 1- Add mint leaves, and chopped lemon, and squeeze half lemon into your glass.
Step 2- Start crushing them together. Add sugar and also you can sprinkle a pinch of black salt (optional).
Step 3- Add crushed ice cubes, it makes the drink more energizing. Pour soda or sprite soft drink into your glass and mix them well.
Step 4- Garnish it with lime slices or mint leaves. Your refreshing virgin mojito drink is ready to sip. Enjoy!!!

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